We have all heard that the most important relationship we can have is one’s self. Too often, in our busy lives caring for others, we lose sight of the most important person – ourselves! Yes, it is common knowledge that as a caregiver we put ourselves last.

While caring for others, we are often exposed to the palpable levels of suffering, struggle, shame, and despair that permeate their lives. We listen to their pain, their grief, and their loss. Part of our job is to hold hope and compassion for them, especially when they often cannot hold it for themselves.

When this is our daily experience we can become vulnerable to the effects of “Compassion Fatigue”   This often happens to anyone who cares for young children or the elderly.

Compassion fatigue is the cumulative physical, emotional and psychological effect of exposure to traumatic stories or events over time when involved in a helping capacity, combined with the strain and stress of our own experience.

In order to avoid the negative effects of compassion fatigue that can creep into our daily life, it is important to acknowledge and name it. Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, angry or judgmental of others is the first sign of the need to step back, take a breath and start taking care of our relationship to ourselves, so we can be available to support others.

Working to develop a kinder relationship to ourselves by taking a short walk, having a cup of tea, sitting quietly or meditating for five or ten minutes, helps us to avoid “compassion fatigue” and bring our best selves to every situation.

A wonderful proactive remedy to help you stay connected to yourself and to open your heart to enhance your inner relationship with Spirit, yourself and others is Fleur Relationship Spray.

Misting Fleur Relationship spray is an effective way for you to quickly turn off the “fight-or-flight response” of your sympathetic nervous system so you can relax at that moment.

Fleur Relationship spray contains wildflower Australian living essences synergistically combined with essential oils of Palmarosa, Sandalwood, and Ylang-ylang. The result qualitatively uplifts and will help to expand supportive inner and outer relationships with genuine authenticity.

Let’s create freedom from compassion fatigue and reestablish a healthy relationship with our body, mind, and spirit!

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