The beginning of a new year is a time of hope and energy to actualize our highest ideals and our relationships with each other and the world around us.

Through reevaluation of what we, individually and as species are choosing to do with our daily experience, we see what hasn’t worked and what potential may manifest — after all, the political is personal no matter where you live or what you believe.

We are at a time in this world where so many things seem to threaten our existence, our jobs, our food, our land, the routine life we have enjoyed. 

I keep reading about the destruction of rain forest and many animals going extinct. The Monarch butterfly population, which winters in Santa Cruz California where I live, dropped 86% since last year. This small creature who reproduces itself many times during their journey to Mexico eats only the milkweed plant. They follow the same path every year, and their food source is gone due to chemical spraying.

What is the driving the guiding forces that we look to as we move forward as a conscious humanity? How can we become aware that we are all in this together?  

What we are witnessing from afar in Yemen’s humanitarian crisis, the declining animals, whales, polar bears, frogs, and insect species is a signal that our choices as individuals and as a people are drastically altering our beautiful, yet fragile planet and it does not look like it is for the better.

How can we as family, friends, neighbors experience our connectedness and remember that we are intricately linked to each other? How can we acknowledge our differences and still communicate our care and compassion?

And I don’t mean on facebook or twitter or emails, but truly looking someone in the eye and authentically being present listening from the heart. Have we lost what in the past created relational harmony and balance?  

In 2019, I invite you to examine your choices. Do they reflect heart values?   

True friends are a gift, they remember the song in our heart and sing it back to us when we forget the words. I encourage you to take time to call a friend and remember who they are so we can connect our lives and its people back together.

May each of you find a true friend to help you remember your song and the deep interconnectedness that we share together on our precious Earth.

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With Love and Blessings,