Our Company

Maggie Smith, Founder

Maggie Smith the founder of Flower Essence Energy, the company behind our Flower Essence Aromatherapy products, is an advanced energy healer, aromatherapist, flower essence practitioner, teacher, and lecturer. She personally formulated all of the products available on our website. Each product is lovingly crafted in small batches by hand.

 Maggie’s journey with flower essences began in 1993. She studied with the Flower Essence Society in Nevada City, California and later was inspired to continue her studies where she apprenticed under Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao, pioneer researchers at the Australasian Flower Essence Academy in Perth. One of the most profound experiences of her life was when she participated in an earth-sauna (flower pit) healing ceremony. Maggie was blessed to learn the healing art of flower essence therapy through the oldest known living tradition as taught by the Nyoongah Aboriginal People in South West Australia.

Since founding her company, Flower Essence Energy, Maggie has traveled the world, from Australia to Greece and beyond, studying with masters in the fields of flower essences and aromatherapy. She has devoted her life to expanding her knowledge of flower essence therapy and aromatherapy and has attended the World Conferences of Flower Essences at Findhorn, Scotland, and Brazil. She shares her energy healing gifts as a heart offering to help people of all ages.

Maggie’s Credentials


  • The United States teaching representative for Living Essences of Australia
  • Certified Flower Essence Practitioner
  • Certified Aromatherapist
  • Licensed Minister with the Gateway Community
  • Graduate, and teacher for the School of Energy Mastery
  • Certified Mind-Body Educator
  • Healing Touch Practitioner
  • Cranial Sacral Practitioner
  • Jin Shin Therapist
  • International Spa Consultant
  • Lecturer, and Workshop Facilitator

Vidya McNeil, MA, Marketing Director & Partner

Vidya is an integrative therapist and counselor, Certified Aromatherapist, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, feminine wisdom expert, and shamaness. As a small business consultant, Vidya partners with mind-body entrepreneurs, therapists, and coaches who are called to help alleviate suffering through their offerings.

Vidya and Maggie Smith have been collaborating since 1995 to bring Maggie’s gifts to the world. She has studied the ancient art of Flower Essence therapy under Maggie’s tutelage and applies that knowledge in her practice working with her clients.

Vidya is inspired by ancient healing arts and the Sacred Feminine so that the way we live, love and work inspires embodied, empowered, and extraordinary lives!

As a wholeness leader, Vidya works 1-1 with individuals, couples, and families as well as with entrepreneurs worldwide.

To learn more about Vidya and her programs, visit her websites: www.akasha4life.com and https://evolvedshakti.co

Our CREATION Process

Inspires Harmony and Balance

The sacred art of creating a Flower Essence is made in nature where the plants and flowers grow naturally in healthy abundance. The following method is how Maggie learned from Vasudeva Barnao and teaches to her students.


I prepare by locating a sunny spot in a field or grove of trees.


I fill a clear glass bowl with water from a local spring or well. If for some reason, I believe the water is not pure due to factors occurring up-stream, such as contamination, I use distilled water.


I create a ritual to form a vortex between the sun, the water, and the essence of the flowers or plants.


Calling in the energies of the plant or tree, I invoke the Deva or Angel of the flower, the field, or the grove. I call upon the six directions – East, South, West, North, Heaven, and Earth. I ask for support from the ancient ones, or others that come to me during the invocation process. I humbly ask them to draw the energy and essence of the plant into the water.


I select only perfect blooms at their peak and gently bend their flower heads over the bowl. The living flowers carry the energy of the plant and the environment where they grow.


The sun, water, and the flowers form a vibrational matrix, which transmutes into the water. The Flower Essence becomes infused with the Life Force of the plant or place


What fascinates me is that “places of power” each generate a unique vibration. Have you ever been to Machu Picchu, or to the volcano Haleakalā on Maui at sunrise or sunset? Have you traveled to the spring at Delphi in Greece which has been running since 674 BC or to Stonehenge where the Druids walked? I have, and I can tell you that each vortex carries the vibrational essence of its history, the culmination of past and present.